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1st-Feb-2016 11:42 pm - Anyone from Manila here?
Hello! I am a 31 year old unmarried woman from Manila, Philippines. First off, anyone here from Manila? I have a lot of questions!

Sterilization is frowned upon here, and I've actually experienced an OBGYN stopping me from taking birth control because I'm "at my most fertile, so you should stop taking pills and make kids."

I never wanted kids ever since I can remember, and my boyfriend doesn't want any either. I tailored my career so I would only work for myself and my boyfriend. Work had been very stressful right now and I just hate being paranoid and more stressed whenever we have sex too. Babies are so off the table for me, and my immediate family seems to be ok with it. Last year, they also found out that my uterus is bifurcated, and if childbirth will always be complicted for me I don't even want to even try.

My problem is that I haven't found any OBGYN who can get behind me and endorse the procedure. So I just want to know if anyone else here is from the Philippines and can recommend a non-judgmental OBGYN, or can walk me through the process. What questions are they asking? Do I need a psych eval? Is it standard procedure in our country? Do they discourage it if the woman is single? I want to save up and have the procedure before I turn 35.

Thanks! Not sure if this is the right community, but thanks anyway.
29th-Aug-2013 11:46 pm(no subject)
I finally was able to find a doctor in Phoenix, AZ, willing to do the Essure procedure for me. We had to do the usual "wait 30 days from signing the papers showing you know what you're getting into" and the repeated questions of "are you sure you want to do this?" that's required to have Medicaid down there pay for it, but in the end we got past all that, and I had the procedure done earlier this month.

I was wondering what I should expect really from here on out? I've been reading through some posts that mentioned cramps may be sharper and more to the sides, or fluctuating cycles, I guess I'm asking for an idea of what all to expect during the few months before I get the scan done in November to confirm my sterility.

Also- I'd read through here before getting the procedure done, and all the information I found was very helpful in allowing me to determine what was best for me procedure-wise, so thank you everyone! :)
5th-Apr-2013 10:12 pm - hello
I posted here...probably about a year ago. I am FINALLY able to afford to get sterilized but I have no idea who to go to. Does anyone know a doctor in NE Ohio (preferably Youngstown metro area) that will help me out? I'd rather go for a tubal but if not, I am agreeable to Essure. Any help out be appreciated soooo much.
23rd-Mar-2013 09:31 pm - Tubal ligation and ablation
Hi everybody,
In two weeks I am scheduled to have an ablation/laparoscopic tubal combo. I am a 33 y.o. CF, very healthy, never had a surgery before, and I deal very poorly with any sort of physical discomfort. I mean, I can't stand pain an especially nausea (guess why I am a CF ;) ). I also have a job with a lot of responsibilities, which requires mild to moderate physical work. Worst of all, I recently learned that I must attend a professional conference a day after my scheduled surgery!
No need to say I am scared...
So, maybe someone here can answer my questions? Of course from your experience, I understand each person is different. So please, be so kind to say how it was for you.
What to expect in the recovery period, is post-op discomfort great and is it addressed properly. I mean, if you complain of pain and nausea, do they give you appropriate meds promptly?
Do they give prescription for appropriate pain and anti-nausea meds?
I am going to look bloated after the procedure?
When can I expect to feel well enough to return to work?
Can I expect feel well enough the next day to attend the conference, taken that there I will only sit and listen?

Thank you in advance!
26th-Nov-2012 10:51 am(no subject)
Does anyone know of any doctor in the Charlotte, NC area that will perform Essure or Adiana on a 24 CF woman? Birth control has screwed me over big time, and now I've got a wicked hormonal imbalance with a chronic yeast infection(thats TMI, but it shows you the predicament I'm in), awful weight gain and I am just sick of this shit.

Any advice would be so appreciated.
Hey, everyone. About 3 weeks ago, I got a single-port laparoscopic tubal ligation via cauterization in Minneapolis from Dr. Mary Mahoney at Riverside. I am childfree, 23, and single, so she is a great resource for all your CF ladies out there.

The consult was pretty quick and painless. She told me outright she would do the tubal because I'm a consenting adult, but she did run me through of the "make sure you really want this" questions. Overall, I got grilled a lot less than I expected to.

The procedure was very smooth. I experienced no issues from anesthesia, I was up and about within an hour, and I felt good enough to go out with friends 2 days later. I'm left with nothing but a very small scar in my navel. I am experiencing my normal pre-menstrual symptoms on-schedule.

I even got some cool pictures of my insides. ;)

I hope this helps someone!
14th-May-2012 08:14 pm - Skipping periods after Essure?
Fenris IH8U
So I got the Essure done in Nov, 2010. So far, so good... no problems, nothing weird post procedure. However, my cycle which regulated to scary precision 6 months afterward is now all goofed up. Rather I'm late for this month, I have no pregnancy symptoms but no flow either.

Has anyone had skipped or intermittent cycles after getting the Essure procedure done? If there's still nothing by the end of this week, back to the doctor I go.

Thanks in advance! :D
3rd-May-2012 05:25 pm - Anyone from Montreal?
I have found a doctor here in Montreal willing to perform a tubal ligation for me (providing I get approval from her gyno colleague and a psychiatrist first). However, my first choice would be a larascopic procedure using filshie clips or yoons to close off the fallopian tubes while my gyno wants to do a cauterization. Cauterization carries the risk of damage to surrounding organs although I'm sure it is much quicker and easier for the gyno.

I would LOVE to find a gyno willing to perform my tubal for me with filshie clips or yoons. Any suggestions?
2nd-Mar-2012 02:45 pm - Questions
Hello! I'm Niki. I'm 30 and live in Youngstown, Ohio. I'm wondering a few things.
1. I recently got enrolled in the Medicaid Family Planning Services program and I'm wondering if this covers a tubal?
2. If it does, where do I begin to find a doctor willing to do this for me?
20th-Feb-2012 11:20 am(no subject)
Jason the Ninja
It's time for my vasectomy. I'm hoping someone can recommend a urologist in NYC that won't give me shit for being 25 and childless. Anyone?
1st-Feb-2012 02:47 pm - Partial hysterectomy
Hi all,

I'm considering campaigning on my OBGYN -- or, more accurately, I don't have a regular one and currently just hit the local PP -- for a partial hysterectomy. I'm not optimistic about my chances of (a) persuading someone to endorse the procedure (I'm 25 and have no kids) and (b) getting my insurance to pay for it. I'd really appreciate any help in terms of marshalling my arguments and raising my own awareness (maybe there's some complication I don't know about!).

BackgroundCollapse )

I've thought about a lot of other forms of birth control, but a partial hysterectomy is the only one that feels right. I considered IUDs, but I cannot handle how explicitly female the recommended checks (feel around in your vagina for the strings) would make me feel -- I would get way more dysphoria out of that than I do periods. The idea also just... squicks me, for lack of better words. I'm pretty turned off hormonal methods at this point. Methods that necessitate stopping before or during sex are riskier in terms of kids (high chance of incorrect application!), give more trouble with my already perturbed sex drive (like the depression and thryoid mess aren't enough), and, for most of them, once again draw attention to my female-ness that makes me very uncomfortable. Plus, do nothing for periods. My partner has offered to have a vasectomy, which I appreciate and would support him in if he chose that as his own method of reproductive control, but (a) I'm poly (b) it doesn't with my stupid bleeding body.

For a time, I thought tubal ligation was the best I could do -- it wouldn't fix my periods, but at least I wouldn't have to worry about kids, and there wouldn't be hormones. It's something.

But I've become increasingly convinced that a partial hysterectomy is right for me. It's permanent -- great. No more periods -- awesome! Since the ovaries stay in, hormonal disturbance is not great -- sweet.

However, I am not confident in my ability to get one, especially financially. I do have insurance currently and a well-paying job. I'll be quitting relatively soon (I'm willing to stay longer if that's what it takes to cover the procedure, but I'm dropping this job as soon as possible). After that, I will have a pretty low income, so at that point may qualify for assistance -- I definitely don't now. Currently I am in the Washington, D.C. area. After I quit my job, I will be in Pittsburgh, PA.

What do you think? Do I have a good case? Are there any glaring counter-indications? Any help/hints on how to get the procedure covered? Any risk factors that I should demonstrate awareness of, to better convince doctors I'm serious? Basically -- help.

Thank you folks for this great community. I read back a bit, and it gave me more confidence in my choice. I finally feel like I have some hope of being in control of this all.
1st-Jan-2012 06:59 pm - essure
hi all.  first lj post ever, so i hope i don't commit any major faux pas.  i'm scheduled to have the essure done this week and am a bit apprehensive.  i have known since age 15 that i did not ever want children (i'm 33 now).  i'm tired of hormones and ready for something permanent.  i've been on the nuva ring for a couple of years and the pill before that.  i recently quit smoking, which makes me feel a little better about being on hormones, but i still worry about future effects and i'm ready to know for sure i will not have children.

after reading some alarmist posts on other sites, i started second guessing my choice.  this community has helped bring me back to reality, i really appreciate everyone sharing their experiences.  i will update this post/write a new one with updates.

a concern: nickel allergies.  my doc asked if i was allergic to anything, but i thought she meant medication-wise.  after some research, i realized the essure was nickel titanium.  i will bring this up to my gyno.
I live in Japan (Tokyo) and have been wanting to get a sterilization done for some time (I'm 27). The Essure procedure seems nice but doesn't seem to be offered in Japan and since there have to be a few follow up appointments included with Essure, I can't really make the time to be constantly flying back and forth between Japan and the US.

The most viable option for me seems to be a tubal ligation.

I realize this is a total shot in the dark, but has anyone here gotten a tubal ligation in Japan and could share their experience? I plan on asking my GP about where I could get one done in my area soon and hopefully he won't give me grief about me being "too young," for it...

Anyway, thanks so much in advance for any info!
21st-Oct-2011 07:17 pm - Essure and weight gain
Hi everybody,

I am seriously considering getting Essured soon (I haven't talked to my GP about it, but I have saved up some money since I don't think I would qualify).
Until recently the only concern was the potentially painful insertion, but I have been googling about and came across a discussion board where few women claimed that they gained some weight around their abdomen area. From description it sounded like a hormonal weight gain (lower abdomen, and thighs) - and now I wonder - can Essure really have this side effect?
From what I know about the procedure it doesn't/shouldn't really affect hormones in any way. To me it is a concern since I did put some weight while on HBC (not much but annoying). And since it is much harder to get Essure out than to stop taking HBC I need more information.

So my question is - can Essure really have an effect like that?

thank you
14th-Oct-2011 12:30 pm - Essure Questions
Discovered that Blue Cross is covering Essure, and as I don't like the idea of surgery or major hospital stays, it seems the best choice for me and getting sterilized. I was wondering if a) anyone had a good experience in the Northeast PA area with a doctor who does the procedure and b) those of you who have gotten it done, how was the procedure, do you use it as your primary birth control, how has it held up, and how long since you got it done?

Thanks so much!
saris || sasha_davidovna
I have one child, am pregnant with number two, and am leaning towards sterilization at some point sooner rather than later after the birth, because 2 is enough for me and we've managed to have accidents and/or other problems with basically every form of birth control we've tried, from withdrawal to condoms to hormonal birth control to IUDs. Plus, worrying about unwanted pregnancy does a real number on my sex drive, even when using the supposedly reliable types of BC.

I would prefer vasectomy, since many of my male family members have undergone the procedure with no problems at all (including my grandfather in the 1960's and my father in the 1980's), but my husband is not enthusiastic about either one of us getting sterilized and no rosy pictures of an eternity of BC-free sex have so far managed to convince him. He's a doctor himself, but not a gynecologist and is also from a country where being childfree is literally incomprehensible, so he has some cultural biases against sterilization. From a medical perspective, he is also concerned about hormone disruption.

I've been trying to research post-op problems, especially relating to vaginal dryness and low sex drive (which caused years of problems for us after I gave birth the first time) for female sterilization and pain or erectile dysfunction (never been problems, but seem to be what he's most concerned about) for male sterilization, but most of the information I'm finding is from religious sites opposed to birth control and medical sites pushing tubal/vasectomy reversals.

Meanwhile, most of the mainstream medical sites pooh-pooh the possibility of any problems at all, but I don't have much more trust for them than for the religious sites, since they do the same for HBC, which was not a great experience for me. Does anyone know where I can find reliable, unbiased information on the probability of post-op problems for any or all of the major sterilization options?

Also, does anyone have any advice for convincing a reluctant husband?

Thanks in advance for any help!
4th-Mar-2011 06:35 pm(no subject)
I just wanted to post for others who may be looking for a doctor in the Corpus Christi area about my experience so far with Dr. Laura Shelton. Sorry if this is choppy and all over, I'm just really excited. :) Read moreCollapse )
12th-Dec-2010 11:35 am - Cost of HSG
How much does an HSG cost without any insurance?

I had the Essure procedure on October 28th. I'm supposed to have the HSG after January 28th. My husband is getting out of the Army on January 3rd, and so we won't have insurance after then. So I guess we're going to have to pay out of pocket for the HSG. Does anyone know if Planned Parenthood does it on a sliding scale, or if there are any other places that do? If it's very expensive, we won't be able to afford it for a while. Is it okay to wait a few extra months, as long as we're using another form of birth control?

Or would it be possible to do the HSG a few weeks early? Is there a good chance my tubes might be occluded after nine weeks?
3 months passed since August 19 and it was time for my essure verification to make sure my tubes are blocked.

Last Wednesday, I arrived little earlier than I expected so I had to wait 45 minutes until my appointment.

An hour before the exam, I took 500mg naproxen and 75mg fexmid. They were leftover from a car accident I was in back in October. I also wore gripping socks because from what I heard that all x-ray places have no stirrups.

The receptionist guided me to the dressing room. I removed my pants, wore a gown and waited in the tiny room with other people. 5 minutes later, the tech came and called me. She explained me about the procedure and some questions. She basically said the procedure would probably take between 15 to 30 minutes because it depends on the angle of my cervix. She showed me a few things - iodine, x-ray dye, swabs, plastic speculum, and cannula, catheter with syringe. I made a face when I saw the cannula because it was huge like a pencil! She said I will feel little pain and moderate cramps.

The radiologist came in and greeted me. I laid on the cold, hard table with a pillow under my head. The speculum was inserted. He applied a swab with iodine into my cervix. The tech held my left leg and I felt a sharp pain when the cannula was inserted into my cervix but it went away in 2 seconds. I thought it was nothing... until the injection of the dye. The pain took me by surprise. My eyes welled up and my legs trembled. The pain scale between 1 to 10 for my cramps on period is 4 but this pain is 12! It was intense like.. a thousand of needles stabbing in my uterus. I could only imagine what it felt like to be kicked down there if I was a guy.

The pain subsided but the radiologist injected again. Argh, the pain came back again. I thought I was going to pass out because I was feeling very light-headed. That moment, I wanted to kick his face! I grasped my jacket, I covered my eyes and held my breath. The tech came to me, held my hand and said "It is okay. It is almost done." She asked me to roll to the left then to the right and in the fetal position too.

Everything took only five minutes but I felt like much longer than that. The tech told me to rest a little bit. I had an awkward moment with the radiologist. He asked me why did I have essure? He thought I was too young. I simply told him that I don't want kids. He was kind of appalled. He walked out without saying goodbye or a handshake. I was glad he asked me after that because he could refuse to do the procedure if he knew before that. The tech apologized but she gave me great news that I'm 100% blocked. YAYYYYYY! :D She said I can lay down for ten minutes or until I am ready to go but I told her that I am definitely ready to leave. I didn't want to lay down because I live 2 hours away and I wanted to beat rush hour. The tech was little concerned and wanted to make sure I'm not dizzy or light-headed. I kept telling her that I am perfectly fine and I don't have cramps. She gave me a pad and wet wipe. I was fine but the hard part was walking. My legs were still shaking but I managed to get out of the building with my significant other.

I didn't have cramps except feeling bloated from dye. It discharged after few hours.

Yesterday and today, I feel little pulling sensation in my uterus but besides that, I'm great. No bleeding or pain.
13th-Nov-2010 10:34 am - Health Insurance & Sterility
My health insurance at work will be starting on the first of the year. The deductible is high and it will be expensive, but since I have no choice in the matter -- needing it, I mean, not getting it; it'll save me money if I end up in the hospital, which with me is a possibility -- so it goes.

Interestingly, my boss brought up the other day the fact that my rate is higher because I'm female and of childbearing age. I asked, without really thinking, "What if I was sterile?" and she was puzzled…not by my inquiry, but by whether the insurance company would account for that in the price of my coverage.

I didn't tell her, of course, that I had Essure 3 years ago and unless something goes horribly wrong there's no chance of me ever conceiving children…I don't think that's something my boss really needs to know.

So how do you approach this? The odds that an insurance company will have to cover a pregnancy or an abortion for me are very, very slim at this point, even ignoring the whole "I'm single and work 12- to 14-hour days and unless some deity gets horny…" thing, and I would think that my insurance costs should reflect that.

(Don't even get me started on the whole "The whole thing is incredibly sexist!" thing, because let's face it, it totally is.)

Has anyone here ever worked with this, and gotten a lower rate because they've been sterilized (or are sterile by natural causes)? I imagine I could just call my insurance agent and talk to them about it, but I wonder if I would have to prove it. I could, mind, it just seems like it's a weird thing to prove -- I don't have to prove I'm diabetic, after all, why should I have to prove other things involving my endocrine system...?
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