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Adiana instead of Essure? 
20th-Nov-2009 09:03 pm
Megaman, Frickin' Sweet!
Hello all you lovely ladies et al (I know there are some dudes lurking here!). I'm a long-time lurker, staunchly CF, and am awaiting that magical letter from Medicaid letting me know my insurance has come through. I just joined here so I could post this inquiry.

I am 25 years old and a full-time unemployed undergraduate student. I would like to be permanently and irreversibly sterilized--have wanted since I was roughly 21. So here is my question for you all.

I know that I have surface skin allergies to copper and nickel, and all of the hormonal birth control methods which I have tried have left me suicidal, insane, hysterical, and about two steps away from psychiatric hospitalization (and yes, I've tried different hormones and doses of most of the things on the market).

Do you think it's worth it to have a dermatologist test me for allergies to see if it's just a skin reaction to nickel and copper? Or should I just continue to look at Adiana?

Also, Adiana's website has no information about which providers do the procedure. Do you think it's a good idea to maybe use Essure's search to call those offices and ask if they do both Essure and Adiana? They're basically the same procedure, but I know that different drug companies have different costs and licensing requirements, so that's why I figured I should ask you all.

And finally, has any of you had Adiana performed on you? I see a lot of Essure and endometrial ablations/tubal ligations, but I don't see any Adianas; however, I know this procedure is relatively new, and that could account for it.

Thanks so much for reading, and thanks for your help (in advance).

P.S. For reference, I live in NY near Manhattan.
21st-Nov-2009 02:49 am (UTC)
With Adiana being extremely new to the US (just approved a few months ago?) it may be a bit more difficult to find a doctor who does it. Adiana also had some difficulties with its failure rate during testing. Personally, I'd be inclined to get tested on the nickel allergy and see if Essure is really contraindicated before making a decision.
20th-Dec-2010 12:48 am (UTC) - metal testing
I did go to a dermatologist who told me that these metals are formulated to have a low reaction/leaking and rarely do. Also, he told me that nickel testing can actually trigger a nickel allergy and didn't recommend testing for this.
23rd-Nov-2009 04:44 am (UTC) - Essure vs. Adiana
I was wanting to have permanent birth control as well and was told wait until Adiana comes out...it has no metal. Well, when it finally came out and you read through all the stuff (i am a big research person on medical, it is my body), I found that they had 12 pregancies in their studies and Essure had zero. That means that in the best of situations, they had 12 pregnancies. And their effectivess rate looks like it is even less than Tubal ligations. Then, my doctor said he already tried Adiana and he couldn't really feel good that he could tell that it was where it was suppose to be - so he supported Essure as his choice. Finally, the metal is so small it is no big deal - i mean people get huge hip metal pieces in hip replacements, right? Anyway...look hard at the info..I say, if you don't want to get pregnant - get Essure. Oh, and I did it 2 months ago - it was pretty easy. Can't wait for my confirmation test. good luck with your decision
6th-Jan-2010 12:14 am (UTC)
I'd say speak with a dermatologist. When I had mine done, I asked the Essure guy about it, since, y'know, you hear stories about people who randomly develop nickel allergies and can no longer wear X piece of jewelry they used to wear, or whatever. So I asked him, "so I'm not allergic now, but what if I end up like one of those people?" He told me they were thinking about downgrading the nickel warning in future because it apparently doesn't cause that many problems even in people who are allergic. But, not knowing the truth of that, you should probably talk to a doctor just in case and see what s/he advises.
15th-Apr-2010 12:05 am (UTC) - Adiana vs Essure
Adiana is new but they have had a lot of issues (i.e. pregnancies, their implant does not show up on the x-ray--hard to see for the radiologists, small percentage of patients' fallopian tubes show they are not closed 6 months after the procedure--how can you rely on it?). Their are other issues as well but do your own due diligence. Essure has also been out for 8 plus years (with good clinical data) and Adiana just came out (FDA had a difficult time approving their technology because of key issues in their studies). I spoke to my OB/GYN and she stated why would any physician use an inferior product like Adiana when a procedure like Essure is more clinically effective.
11th-Nov-2010 11:50 pm (UTC) - Adiana bites
I had the Adiana procedure in Dec 2009. In March had the dye test, only 1 side closed. In June had the dye test, same result. I was devastated. I had 3 friends have Essure & they all worked fine. The dye tests were pure hell!!!!! On an xray table without stirrups, without meds, and extreme discomfort. Now I have to have a tubal ligation. I am already out a ton of money for the Adiana procedure & left with nothing. I contacted the Adiana company Hologic & they are a bunch of jerks. I contacted the Massachusetts Attorney General office to file for mediation & they have not responded to me. As far as I am concerned, Adiana is a failure.
18th-Nov-2010 04:14 am (UTC) - Adiana procedure couldn't be completed
I attempted to have the Adiana procedure today, but it failed. After trying for an hour and a half, the doctor couldn't locate the appropriate part of my tubes to do the burning and insertion. She said there was too much "fluffy tissue" blocking the view. I was on valium, vicoden, torodol and they gave me several rounds of shots to numb the cervix, but the pain was still unbearable for that long. I could have handled the "12 minutes" as the brochure claimed the procedure should take, but I couldn't take any more after 90 minutes. I'm extremely depressed that I went through the pain that long, and spent all that money on the prescriptions, and the procedure failed anyway. I have high blood pressure and was hoping this would have been a great solution to artificial hormones. I don't recommend this procedure to anyone until more testing and research is done.
27th-Dec-2010 11:33 pm (UTC) - Adiana Failure
I too had the Adiana procedure and went back almost 4 months later to check and neither tube is blocked and only one insert is actually still in the tube. I am very disappointed because I am now out money and time off work. Now I will have to have the old fashion tubal and be off another week or two to recoop from that. Completely a waste of time and money.
22nd-Jan-2011 05:43 am (UTC)
my procedure went great! I had the adiana done.I have one kid and 26 but I knew it was my last.I walked into my gyno said I wanted to get sterilized and they scheduled me that week.They gave me gas to knock me out so I wouldnt be awake for the 12 min.if awake and moving around being in pain wont help placing the foams in the tubes.I woke up being fine little bleeding and then three months later did the dye test got both tubes fixed and hadnt had any problems since got it done end of may, got the test aug...I have aetna and it covered it all didnt pay anything..
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