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28th-Aug-2010 02:02 am - Sterile at last!
geek, Bones, Star Trek
Well, this update took long enough to write, but life has been pretty hectic. Here it is, my sterilization story. Please keep in mind that this is a lifelong dream of mine, and that if you are interested in any sort of medical procedure, you should talk to your medical professional. As always, YMMV.

Behind the cut: long ramblings, pictures that could be considered NSFW, and possible TMI. Continue at your own risk.Collapse )

(Cross posted to my livejournal, sterilizationqa, childfree, and cf_hardcore. Apologies if you see this more than once.)
I'm 27 and live in Southern California.

July 3rd: I made an appointment at local Planned Parenthood for pap smear and pelvic exam. I told the medical assistant that I am not happy with my birth control method and I want something permanent. The first question she asked me was if I have children. I said, "No and don't want any." She was going to give me a full sales pitch about essure but I told her that was not necessary. I had been doing research on essure for three years and I am pretty sure I want it. I had a consultation with my doctor and it was only 5 minutes. The doctor gave me a goodie bag for sterilization process: a package of condoms and two emergency contraceptive boxes. She approved me for essure but she mentioned that there is mandatory counseling. She booked me an appointment.

July 6th: I was nervous for counseling. They called me and I came in. The counselor dismissed me because she had a personal issue about me being hearing impaired. She judged me harshly before asking me any questions. I suspected her rejection because she probably was a pro-baby. She had a blue baby pacifier tattoo on her wrist. Or... She didn't like deaf people. I had to reschedule my counseling appointment on the next day.

July 7th: I was grumpy and didn't really want to deal with that woman again but I had to drag my boyfriend to interpret for me since the counselor refused to talk to me. I guess the counselor still didn't want to see me because the medical assistant practically did everything. The counseling was very straightforward and I didn't understand why it was too hard for the counselor to do her fucking job.

The medical assistant wanted to make sure that I understand that the essure procedure is irreversible and I had to pick new birth control method to stop my periods for six months which I didn't even know because I've been researching for three years and it didn't even mention about stopping my periods before the procedure starts. It also helps thinning the uterine lining. I chose depo provera: three month contraceptive injection. She booked me another appointment for pre-op but they transferred me to different Planned Parenthood for surgical site which it is 2 hours of driving.

July 20th: My Pre-Op Essure was kind of pointless. I spent two hours there. Repetitive questions from my recent counseling. My new doctor was cocky and arrogant. He asked me some weird questions like how men are manipulative and they would change my mind or make me feel guilty for not creating a baby for him. I kept telling him that it is my body and my choice. He laughed every time I answered his questions. He thought he is being funny but to me, he was cocky. I didn't trust him doing essure on me but he assured me that he did over 70 - 80 patients and none of them had complications except one woman because her fallopian tubes were too small. Anyway, he wanted pelvic exam again and I was annoyed because I already had one last July 3rd and it is in the friggin' chart!!! He explained about the plan for my procedure -- I will have a deep sleep sedation (or known as a mild dose of general anesthesia.) He also will use a local anesthetic and it will be applied to my cervix to make it numb. It should take only 5 - 10 minutes to insert each metal coil in my fallopian tubes then I will stay in the room to rest for an hour before going home. The recovery should take only one or two days. No prescriptions except he instructed me to take 800mg ibuprofen before going to sleep and one hour before my appointment. No food and drinks after midnight. Wear something comfortable.

August 19th: I woke up at 6AM and prepared everything: Pads, menstrual heat wraps and a bottle of ibuprofen. I already popped 800mg ibuprofen before I went to bed. It is for preventing fallopian tubes spasm during insertion.

I popped another 800mg around 9AM -- an hour before my appointment. I signed some papers before my procedure. They told me that the procedure would take only 45 minutes. They wanted my urine sample for pregnancy test then they were prepped my IV and gave me a shot for pain. I was with six women in the back room, they all were getting essure too. A woman departed every hour. Two hours of waiting and two women were gone. I was next. I finally got in the procedure room at 1:05PM!

The nurse told me to take my pants off and she looked down on my feet. She said, "Do you have socks?" I didn't know that I was required to bring socks. The doctor didn't instruct me from my pre-op appointment. She gave me cute turquoise ankle socks. I took my pants off and wrapped it with paper sheet. I laid on the table exam. My doctor came in and he smirked, "Are you ready??" I nodded and gave him my thumbs up. He said, "Good luck" then left. The anesthetist came in. We talked for a bit. She wanted to make sure I am not allergic to anything and no health problems. The nurse told me to put my legs up in stirrups then she strapped my legs. I told nurse that I am cold. The room was pretty freezing. She gave me a fleece blanket. The anesthetist asked me if I am ready. I nodded. She injected two different vials in my IV. Like 15 seconds later, I saw a nurse was holding a plastic speculum and that was my last memory.

I woke up twice during the procedure. In the middle of procedure: I told myself that I need to scratch my nose. I woke up and it was blurry. I reached my nose but something was blocked. I realized that I had an oxygen mask on. I attempted to take it off but the anesthetist took my hand away. The nurse held my hand down. I saw her inject another small dose into my IV. I felt like I was floating in the bottom of a pool. I fell asleep again. Second time, I felt a long rod being pulled out of my cervix. It didn't hurt but I was confused when warm liquid squirted out of my vagina. The nurse wiped/cleaned my vagina area.

I have little memory of after the procedure, the resting and home.

I woke up on the table exam. I was surprised that I was completely dressed even a pad in my undie too. I asked a nurse if the procedure went well. She said, "Yes, it was perfect." I was puzzled and didn't understand because I didn't feel the pain. When I got up, my legs were trembling. I told nurse that I can't walk. She brought a wheelchair and transferred me to the facility resting area. I was kinda in and out every few minutes. I checked my phone and it was 1:45 so I guess the procedure took less than 20 minutes. I drunk-texted my boyfriend and I absolutely had no idea what I was saying. I asked the nurse like four times to make sure I am already essure'd. I was really confused because I've read several women's experiences with essure: they constantly talked about cramps and pain after the procedure and I didn't have it. I was perfectly fine and probably able to run a marathon. The nurse scribbled on a note and I don't even remember what she was asking me but I only remember one question: She asked me my pain scale between 1 to 10 for my uterus/cervix. I said zero. She was confused. She said, "No pain? No cramps?" I shook my head but I said, "Mild cramps on my thighs." She thought it is from the stirrups but I didn't feel like explaining the pain. I usually get cramps on my thighs on the first day of my period. I couldn't stay awake so I fell asleep. The nurse woke me up and told me that I am ready to go home. She gave me an ID card that I am essure'd. I finally got out of Planned Parenthood at 2PM.

My boyfriend got me some food from Arby's and a bottle of water. I ate and drank everything in less than 10 minutes. I was feeling fuzzy and happy. No motion sickness or throwing up. I also don't remember the three hour trip from Planned Parenthood to my home. I guess I was pretty drugged from anesthesia. I don't know if it is because the anesthetist gave me double doses.

I arrived home around 5PM. I stripped, saw my pad and it was full of blood. It was weird because I didn't feel bleeding. I took a hot bath before I knew I am not supposed to because it has a minimal risk of getting infection. My tub was pretty clean so I didn't think it is a big deal. I just needed to soak my legs in hot water and it immediately relieved my thighs. It was not tender or stiff. I took nap for two hours then watched Austin Powers but I didn't finish it. I went to bed and slept like completely dead.

Next morning, I woke up and I felt normal. No sore or pain. No bedridden or popping painkiller pills. I was able to go back to my normal routine. I guess I am one of those women on Essure.com's testimonials. I just went my day like if nothing had happened.

My essure will be confirmed in the end of November.
June 2011
Essure'd last Thursday. No pain or cramps after the procedure. I was perfectly fine and probably able to run a marathon. The doctor didn't prescribe me anything. No painkiller meds. He only said take ibuprofen. Last Friday, I was doing pretty good. Everything was normal but yesterday, I started to bleed a little. I've been using pads but I hate it because I always use a menstrual cup when I'm on my period. I am not sure if it is okay to use a diva cup because the nurse said no tampons.

Today, I am experiencing PMS symptoms: bloating, back ache and irritability. Is it normal? Because I'm on depo provera and supposed to get another injection in the beginning of September.

When can I start working out again? My nurse said whatever I feel like to. What about sex, take baths and swim?? I just wanted to be more safe and ask you guys here. Thanks!!!

I will post my experience here this week. :)
7th-Jul-2010 10:00 pm - Effects of HBC
Does anyone else feel like their hormonal birth control suppresses their capability to feel emotional? I started taking it for painful periods and an impending sexual relationship, and after several years of being on it and asking those about me whether or not it effects me in ways I can't personally notice I'm getting a lot of "You're more mellow on the pill." On my week off I can definitely tell that my mood swings wildly for the first several days and then evens out by the sixth or seventh, but everything feels...more, for lack of a better word, than it does during my three months on. This particular pill also -kills- my sex drive, which in my opinion makes taking the pill pointless. Why take something to prevent pregnancy when the only time I want to have sex is when I don't have that protection?

I'm going to talk alternatives with my GYN sincce I'm ultimately gearing toward having the Essure procedure done, but would certainly appreciate some feedback about whether or not this is unusual.
7th-Jul-2010 02:00 pm - Success!
remember when you feel very small
I went for my HSG recently and got the results back and everything went well! I am now fully sterilized.

It was four months after the Essure, because I couldn't take off work during the opportunity window at three months. Having to schedule the HSG on such short notice ("call us when your period starts") meant that I did it in the morning and had an important event to go to in the evening, but really, the HSG itself was basically nothing. I still had some of the 800mg ibuprofen left from the Essure, and I took one the night before and one the morning of, had the whole day off work, went to the lab, it was a tiny bit of discomfort from the speculum and a little odd feeling being squirted full of liquid, but no pain at all. Then went home, had a nap (was very sleep-deprived from other things going on), and felt FINE.

So both Essure and HSG went quite well and were easier than I had worried about. Yay!
13th-May-2010 07:55 am - Uterus Removal Only
Hello anyone get just the uterus removed? I am having bleeding & pain issues & it is suggested I get my uterus removed. Will it effect my sex drive hormones ect? Thank You! Any opinion or stories welcome :)
6th-May-2010 04:42 pm - My HSG was today.
Fenris IH8U
... and I'm all blocked up! Whee!

The procedure took about 20 minutes all told, and since I was early and the person who was supposed to be there at 1:30 was late, they took me at 1:30! I was nervous since I'd read accounts of how bad it could be, but my GYN was there and she actually did the checking for closure of the tubes. The x-ray tech was nice and even laughed at my dumb jokes.

Hey, had to do something after getting pumped full of iodine and feeling like a balloon. Overall it wasn't horrible but nothing I'd want to do just for fun. I'm all snipped and ready for action! Well, in 72 hours anyway.

Along with the joy comes a bit of aggravation though. I work for a private Catholic Uni and they won't pay the claim on my Essure procedure since it was coded as sterilization. I need to check with UIC to see what can be done, because I don't have $7400 just laying about and if I'd know it wouldn't have been covered I wouldn't have done it without saving up at least half and settling a payment plan for the balance. Make sure your insurance covers it, I've learned my lesson about assuming.

Thanks for being a great resource during this process ya'll
4th-May-2010 06:37 am - Essure experience
q aliens
I wanted to share this here because I got a Baltimore area doctor recommendation from you guys. I was very pleased with Dr. Susie Chung. I am a married 24-year old with no children. I didn't feel uncomfortable or grilled during the initial consult at all; my chart said that I was interested in sterilization and she got my medical history (pertinent: IUD removed after a year due to persistent pain, hormonal birth control mistake resulting in abortion two months ago), chatted with me for a while, and said it should all be fine; how about we do a physical exam to see how your uterus is set up so that I know during the procedure?

We set up the procedure for two weeks from the consult, because I am moving to Canada in early August and want to be able to schedule the HSG in Maryland, where I know my insurance will work.

The procedure went very well, I thought.

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8th-Apr-2010 06:05 pm(no subject)
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 Hey y'all! I've been lurking here for a while now and I'm in need of some support. 

long winded rambling this wayCollapse )

Tl;dr: My doctor asked me to wait two months to set up an appointment for my tubal ligation- has anyone else had an experience like this? I'm afraid (and yes, it's unfounded) that he's going to freak out on me and not do the surgery.
21st-Mar-2010 04:14 pm - Total Ovulation Control
"Total Ovulation Control" - it is the program for pocket and personal computers which is intended for forecasting dates with low and high degrees of probability of approach of pregnancy, days of the beginning menstruation, presumable date of childbirth, dates of conception and a predicted sex of the future child. Results of the forecast can be used for planning conception of the child or, on the contrary, for prevention of approach of undesirable pregnancy. The calendar can be used also for more effective reception contraceptive.

remember when you feel very small
I got Essure last week and the doctor who performed the procedure was really great.

Susie Chung

There was a little bit of inconvenience due to snowpocalypse and having to reschedule the appointment, but everything she and the other staff at her office did was fine. She's experienced in the procedure, does it in-office, and was skilled and efficient with it, and very nice.

I'm 30 and I don't have any kids, and all I did was tell her that I never want kids and I never want to be pregnant, and I just wanted to do one thing once that would ensure that rather than have to take birth control for the next twenty years or so, and she didn't question that at all. She said, "when people know, they know." I went to her on a recommendation because she had already done Essure for one of my sister's friends who is mid-20s.

So for anyone else in the area who is looking to get Essure, especially if other doctors have hassled you before about being childfree or too young, or refused to do it, I suggest talking to her.

Posted to childfree and sterilizationqa.
16th-Feb-2010 06:46 am - Permanent Birth Control Logic

Deciding to proceed with permanent birth control is an emotional decision.  Once you’ve decided here are facts from a Gynecologist that every woman contemplating sterilization should know...  While tubal ligation (TL) is the traditional method and continues to be for female sterilization, it too has consequences that make it an inferior method as compared to hysteroscopic sterilization (HS) (Essure or Adiana):

1. Effectiveness: TL = 1%, HS = 0.15% failure rate (the later approximates vasectomy, which would be ideal if you can convince your partner to take care of contraception?)

2. Anesthesia: TL requires general anesthesia with small but inherent risks and frequent unpleasant side effects (eg. nausea/vomiting, hang-over).  HS can be performed under local anesthesia.  Many studies have demonstrated that the majority (not all) of patients rated their discomfort from this procedure under local anesthesia as less than menstrual cramps.  It usually takes 5-10 minutes.

3. Cost:  TL requires trip to operating room (also greater anxiety) whereas HS can usually be performed in a doctor's office, so thousands of dollars difference of which your responsibility will depend on your health insurance (don't let doctor insist you go to OR; find a more progressive doctor who has made the investment in their practice and is proficient).

4. Recovery time:  none with HS (or a perhaps the day of the procedure where you can take ibuprofen if needed for cramps). TL 2-3 days of soreness from small abdominal incisions usually requires narcotic for adequate pain relief.  Also some limitations on physical activity afterwards, while none with HS.

Alternatively an IUD (intra-uterine device) is a highly effective option if you want excellent, reversible protection against an unplanned pregnancy.  However, if you are sure that you have completed your family or choose not to bear children then the logic is compelling in favor of in-office hysteroscopic sterilization for a woman who is ready for permanent birth control, at any age.  For detailed information check out our web site: http://www.womenshealthfremont.com/essure-birth-control-womens-health-obstetrics-fremont-san-francisco.htm

Also check out the following blog entry from a satisfied patient: http://community.livejournal.com/sterilizationqa/95264.html

I hope this helps you with your important decision.

Improving Women’s Health Care One Patient at a Time!

Dr. SK

Hi everyone!

I last posted here in the fall of 2008 – I was all set to get the Essure sterilization procedure, but found out a week before the surgery that I’m allergic to the nickel used in the Essure coils and had to cancel my sterilization appointment.

I was devastated, but immediately started researching Adiana, a new method of hysteroscopic sterilization that uses a small, porous silicone "matrix" smaller than a grain of rice (solves the nickel problem!) and a short burst of radiofrequency energy to stimulate tissue growth around the matrix.  The tissue grows around and into the tiny holes in the matrix and seals the fallopian tube.

Adiana was recently approved for use in the United States, and I had a consult yesterday with a kind, respectful doctor who’s willing to perform the procedure on me! 

Read more...Collapse )


8th-Feb-2010 07:56 am - sterilisation in the UK
Hi guys. I'm looking to hear from women without children who have been sterilised in the UK. I am 22 years old and have no desire to reproduce, ever.

-Firstly, is it possible for a 22 year old childless woman to get a tubal ligation on the NHS?
-Secondly, is Essure available on the NHS, and would I be eligible? (I can find very little information online about essure in the UK.)

I've been considering contacting Marie Stopes since I know that they do offer tubal ligation to women of all ages, but the downside is that their only clinic is in Essex and I live in the North-East. Are there any other organisations offering female sterilisation in the UK?

Also (this question is for everyone), Marie Stopes offer tubal ligation under general anaesthetic or local anaesthetic with sedation. Has anyone experienced a tubal under local? The information booklet claims that women may feel "some discomfort" during the procedure... I'd like to know whether that is an accurate statement or is medical-speak for "agonising pain".

Thanks in advance!
22nd-Jan-2010 04:18 pm - My HSG wwas this morning
So here's an account of my HSG (for my Essure) this morning. It's been four months since my Essure (I couldn't schedule last month because the HSG, like the Essure, has to be about 10 days after the start of your cycle and for me, that would've been Christmas). Here's a link to my Essure experience, in case you want to read that as well: http://community.livejournal.com/sterilizationqa/91646.html

(hey, anybody know why my lj-cut titles are getting cut off after the first word lately?)

“UnderCollapse )
2nd-Jan-2010 02:13 pm - Hooray - I'm spayed!
Some family members didn't appreciate my wordage there, but since we are nothing more than human animals I really don't see the problem!

I went in for my HSG on Tuesday Read more...Collapse )
13th-Dec-2009 02:40 am - Essure complications?
happy dance
Hi All!

I am about to schedule my Essure procedure, and was doing research, found some web forums with some really scary stories about complications and I am getting scared. I had the Implanon, and before getting that I read other women's tales of woe, and thought what are the chances that will happen to me? Well, I got most all of the worst case Impanon problems I read about.

In a nutshell, my question is, how has your experience been? If you had to do it again would you? Would you recommend it to a friend?

Thanks for your help!!

27th-Nov-2009 06:22 am - My Essure experience
Fenris IH8U
Ha, figured I should probably share my actual experience with the Essure. C&P from my LJ post the same night:

So, the Essure Procedure only took about 10 minutes in total to do. It was distinctly uncomfortable but not too painful. The only (unintentional) painful part was...details under a cut to avoid squicking anyone outCollapse )

Overall, it wasn't as bad as I thought but it wasn't as la-de-da oh that wasn't so bad either. I wanted to slap those women in the testimonials on the Essure site who said they went on about their day afterward like nothing had happened! Riiiigghhht.
27th-Nov-2009 06:14 am - Post Essure questions
Fenris IH8U
Hello all,

I actually found this comm after googling bleeding after Essure procedure. I just got mine done on the 24th of November, and the procedure itself was fine, I had spotting for a few hours as expected and wasn't in too much pain. I went home and napped for a few hours and was up and about in time for Thanksgiving.

My question comes for those that have gotten the Essure done. The spotting stopped completely by the same evening I'd had the procedure done, and there was no spotting Wednesday or yesterday. Today I woke up to some light bleeding and even a little bit of "flakes" that looked like it could be uterine lining shedding post procedure? I'm not in pain or cramping but the sudden return of bleeding is freaking me out a bit. I plan to call the doctors office (UIC Center for Women's Health in Chicago) as soon as they open.

In the meantime, I wanted to ask if anyone here has had post Essure bleeding out of the blue or if this is just more of my body recovering from the procedure? Alot of things that I found while searching said some people had post-procedure bleeding for a while, but there were other factors like an IUD being present before hand, expecting their cycle right around getting it done, etc.

As for me, I had my cycle right before the procedure and have been on Seasonale for the last 6 months. Any advice or similar experiences would be appreciated.
20th-Nov-2009 09:03 pm - Adiana instead of Essure?
Megaman, Frickin' Sweet!
Hello all you lovely ladies et al (I know there are some dudes lurking here!). I'm a long-time lurker, staunchly CF, and am awaiting that magical letter from Medicaid letting me know my insurance has come through. I just joined here so I could post this inquiry. Read more...Collapse )
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