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Sterilization Information

Your Questions (hopefully) Answered

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Read This (now and often, for it is subject to random change) last update: 9/19/2007

This is a community for people who have questions about getting sterilized and for people who have been sterilized to share their experiences and knowledge. It is not a discussion group for the reversal of sterilizations. If you have been sterilized and regret this decision, this is not the community for you. If you do not believe in sterilization and wish to convert others to your way of thinking, again, this is not the community for you. Flames and trolling will not be tolerated. The purpose of this community is to gather answers to commonly asked questions in one place in order to help those who are trying to decide what method of sterilization is the best for them, and to help those who may be having a hard time getting a doctor to agree to sterilize them. This community operates under the belief that any consenting, informed adult should be able to get sterilized.


Sterilization should be considered permanent. If you have any thoughts about producing genetic descendants in the future (as opposed to adopting), please talk to your doctor about other methods of contraception. The advice/support we give are to people who are sure of their decision, and the members of this forum will in no way be responsible for any regret you might later have.

Previous to, during and after a sterilization procedure, follow your doctor’s medical advice. If your doctor tells you to abstain from sex/masturbation for a certain amount of time, or recommends a follow-up to make sure the sterilization procedure worked, listen to them. If you want a 2nd opinion on medical advice, make sure to ask another doctor, not just random strangers on the internet.

Posting Guidelines

I want to try to lay down specific guidelines now in order to prevent possible future problems.

This community is aimed at providing sterilization information to everyone: the Childfree, and those who have children and do not wish to have any more. Please play nicely with each other. To have or not to have children are equally valid life choices. If you feel the need to snark at either decision, there are plenty of communities elsewhere on lj for that. Likewise, rants about the pros and cons of children, abortion, religion and etc. all have their own communities. I want anyone who is interested in sterilization to feel comfortable here, regardless of their views on any other issue. Clarifications on this are Here.

Do not copy and paste friends only posts to other communities. If your life is that boring I will gladly help you find a hobby. I personally enjoy latch hooking, reading and playing with sheets of copper.

I am not going to place restrictions on icons. If you disagree with the sentiment in someone's icon, either keep it to yourself or feel free to start using an icon with an opposing sentiment. But this community will not be used for the discussion of user icons: this includes complaining about someone else's icon or preemptively defending your own. If a comment is made, the only action that should be taken is to bring it to my attention so that I can direct the poster to this page and delete the comment. All that being said, please try to use neutral icons that do not distract from the business at hand: helping people from any and every background to get the information they need about sterilization.

One of the main goals here is Respect. A lot of people get given a lot of grief over sterilization decisions as it is. If someone says something that reveals them to be greatly uninformed/ignorant about birth control/pregnancy/sterilization/sex, respond with information, not snark.

As well, when providing information, please provide sources as much as you can, and know that any suspect medical advice will be deleted. We want good, verifiable information as much as possible.

Please enjoy and use the tags. I try to add them to every entry but I get busy sometimes.

If you feel you need to speak to me privately about an issue in the community, or to point out a post/comment which contravenes the community guidelines, please contact me using the address below:

linilearns at gmail.com